Roatan Local Market Presents

Sergio with 3.14jacito or, what is the same: πjacito

The recipe from πjacito is handled with high confidentiality, as if it were the Coca-Cola secret. Sergio, the creator and producer, has not even revealed the details to his family or closest friends. This is because the process of making and fermenting this exquisite alcoholic drink is very easy and short, so he prefers to keep it for himself. And perhaps this is justified, since the production of this drink has allowed him to sustain himself for the last 7 years.

Sergio comes from the world of gastronomy. Being a professional chef, he always had the idea of ​​offering a super tasty alcoholic drink with refreshing flavors to share with his friends and clients. After several years of trial and error, the latest version of πjacito in its 4 flavors finally emerged; passion fruit, blackberry, tamarind and Jamaica flower.

Come to the next market and find the booth which will be surrounded by people. There, you will find Sergio giving free samples of his drink and setting the atmosphere of the market!

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