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Wendy with Sandy Fly Away

If there is something on our beautiful island that can be very uncomfortable for both tourists and locals, this is the presence of mosquitoes and sandflies. Wendy's own need to protect herself from her allergy to mosquito bites made her try mixing different ingredients that were not toxic to her skin or to the environment. This is how sandflyaway, the successful and highly effective repellent local brand, was born.

Made with coconut oil, other essences are mixed, achieving a texture that is smooth on the skin. With her business in Roatan, Wendy is supporting several families in the Mosquitia who are making a living from extracting coconut oil, since she gets the raw material from this region close to Nicaragua.

She joined our project from the very first moment October 2020: the RLM has become for her a platform where she can interact directly with clients, artisans and other support groups, which has motivate her to continue produce the amazing ointment and being part of the big RLM family.

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