Roatan Local Market Presents

Laly with Minerals of the World

The origin of this company may seem accidental, since it was created as an alternative to support Laly's desire to travel the world. But it has become much more, because Minerals of the World has become the basic and only sustenance of this Argentinian artisan and her son León, who was born on this trip that for his mother has lasted more than 10 years.

Laly's work can be defined as handcraft in the classical sense: she masters many techniques that she has acquired along the way, using different materials to create beautiful pieces of jewelry: with macramé she uses waxed Brazilian thread, combining knot after knot to create different patterns; filigree and wire wrapping consist of hand-braiding metals such as copper, bronze, brass, stainlees and steeland silver, stapling and hammering them later; And finally, she learned welding in an olfebrería in Taxco de Alarcón (Mexico) in 2017.

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